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I can't believe it's already June. Where the hell did this entire first half of 2017 go? Does anyone know? After being stuck in the moody Oregon weather I decided that I needed some California in my life. In April, I saw that the MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM was happening in Los Angeles and determined that I had to go. To my luck they were just about to release more tickets for an extension of the sweet pop-up museum. So I set my alarm for 9AM and waited to secure my tickets to visit this ice cream dream.

After successfully acquiring tickets I was inspired and decided to just book an extended trip down to California. Where I will stay in LA for 33 days and just see how I like it down here. So far it's day 5 and the sun is shining and I've been having a great first week with my friend Kasey.

So let's talk about the MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM because who doesn't love ice cream? Actually don't tell me because I don't want to know because I'd feel bad for you. This entire pop-up museum of all things sweet has been all over the social media platforms with your favorite bloggers, artists, and even Beyonce stopping in to enjoy some treats.

I have always and forever been a rainbow sprinkle addict and this museum was all of my Willy Wonka cotton candy dreams come to life. The entire external building is a dreamy pink and the inside had multiple art installations and sweet treats to try. We were escorted in with a group of 12 people for our time slot and told to take our time in each room as there was no rush to get through every room. My friend Kasey and I spent about 2 hours taking everything in. I'm still trying to decide what my favorite room was but it's a toss up between the banana split room and the rainbow sprinkle pool (no real sprinkles were harmed in the making of this pool as the sprinkles were plastic) and I also love that Salt & Straw was the featured ice cream when I was there as it reminded me of home a little bit.

After making it through all of the awe inspiring sections of the ICE CREAM MUSEUM we made it to the very end and played a little ping pong and perused the gift shop and tried our best to keep our sugar high going.

Check out the photos of our trip! And be sure to stay tuned for Kasey's Vlog about the adventure!

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